Уважаемые работники Briese Shipping!
Dear Seafarers,
In view of the serious epidemiological situation worldwide incl. increased detected Covid-19 cases on board of our vessels (even fatal) and considering the availability of vaccines in your home countries, we herewith update our Company’s rules for on signing crew members. 
The Company strictly encourages all Seafarers to undergo a complete COVID-19 vaccination before joining a vessel (if possible, with a vaccine recognized by WHO). Please plan the vaccination in advance to avoid unnecessary delays.
The appropriate certificate shall be presented to your local manning agency in English language. Joining a vessel without being fully vaccinated will be allowed in extraordinary cases only (non-availability of the vaccine in your region or any medical contraindications).
In case you have recovered from COVID-19 within the last six months, please inform your local manning agency and provide them with a certificate. 
Currently many countries worldwide (Netherland, Germany, Belgium, the USA etc.) offer vaccinations for seafarers. BCM supports vaccination on board and will make required arrangements to provide vaccination during your contract. The Masters are strictly requested to check the possibility for the vaccination in every suitable port if somebody from the crew is not vaccinated or the vaccination shall be refreshed.
  • To ensure your safety and the safety of your colleagues on board, we still request you: 
  • To undergo seven days self-insolation before joining.
  • To inform your local crewing agency and stop travel arrangements until further notice in case of any symptoms of influenza or cold. 
  • To make a PCR test two days before joining (requirements for some countries/airlines can differ).
  • To wear a FFP2 mask while travelling to the vessel.

In case of any symptoms whilst on board, please report to the Master immediately. Rapid Covid tests are available on board of the most our vessels to be able to detect the virus in time.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

With kind regards

Briese Crew Management GmbH




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