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30 Мая 2017 г.

Briese Crew Seminars in Russia in 2016-2017

Human factor remains one of the key element of the entire body of Shipping Company that could seriously enforce the structure, if quality of the crew on board is really high.

  For Briese Schiffahrts Seafarers are always an asset of the Company. That’s why Company is spending more and more efforts on In-house Crew Training especially nowadays,when Shipping industry is still under the pressure of one of the longest crises in history.

Structure of  Briese Training Program consists of:

1. E-learning platform with various CBT (Computer-Based Training) provided by World Leading Companies and Online Briefings created by Briese Inspection Team;

2. Domestic and HQ(Headquarters) Seminars for Deck and Engine Officers carried out together by HQ and Branch officers;   

3. TOP Officers Training carried out by sea-going Captain(s) and Chief Engineer(s) of Briese Company;

All these Seminars for Nautical and Engine Officers are aimed to provide Seafarers with industry news, focus on the actual regulations and circulars, latest PSC (Port State Control) issues, to upgrade knowledge level of Briese Seafarers and realize which additional Trainings might be needed in the nearest future.

Participants are also assessed during seminar for English and communicational skills, professional knowledge, team work/role playing etc.  and at the end all are passing final test-assessment. Finally, all participants are awarded with Attendance Certificates and invited for Corporate Dinner. 

We do believe, that such Seminars and Trainings  are real instruments for our Office Teams and Seafarers  to keep close contact to each other on a regular base to  reach the success and enjoy it together under the flag of Briese Schiffahrts GmbH and Co. Kg!


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